Gardening jobs for April

The arrival of warmer weather means there’s never been a better time to take on the gardening jobs that will set your garden up for a season of growth and blooming beauty 

April marks a busy month for our garden enthusiasts, so if you’re ready to get started, read on and prepare to tick off the essential tasks for this month. 

Top 3 most important gardening jobs for April 

  1. Move seedlings
    When they’ve developed their first true leaves, while they’re still in pots or trays, carefully remove them using a dibber to keep as many roots as possible. Always remove them by the leaf, avoid lifting them from the stem and do this one by one.
  2. Introduce summer-flowering bulbs
    Plant summer-flowering bulbs to add a burst of colour to your garden. Consider varieties such as crocus and lilies to brighten up your outdoor space. Adding these flowers will not only make your garden a showstopper but will attract pretty pollinators like bees and butterflies – and will boost your mood too!
  3. Trim the grass
    It’s time to give your lawn its first mow of the season. By getting rid of old grass and allowing new grass to grow better with sunlight and air, you’ll maintain a healthy lawn.

Top tip: If you’ve noticed that your lawnmower needs a thorough clean, grab your can of 3-IN-ONE Degreaser Spray and tackle the task with ease. 


BONUS gardening jobs for April 

  • Planting vegetables and herbs
    From tomatoes and peppers to lettuce and spinach, many crops can be sown directly into the ground or started indoors.
  • Pruning
    As plants begin to show signs of new growth, it’s time to prune and tidy up your garden. Remove dead or damaged branches from trees and shrubs, and prune back perennials to encourage healthy growth and flowering.                                                                                                                                                                         

Top tip: before you put your pruners to work, lubricate, clean and prevent rust with your Degreaser Spray.

  • Mulching
    Top the soil with a layer of mulch around your plants. This will help conserve moisture, suppress weeds and regulate soil temperature.
  • Pest control
    As the weather warms up, keep an eye out for pests! Take preventative measures such as using row covers, removing weeds, cleaning tools, pruning dead/diseased plants and removing waste.
  • Watering
    Be mindful of the watering needs of different plants and adjust your watering schedule to suit what you have planted. 


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Now that you have your gardening jobs list for April, head to the garden and get started. Remember, clean tools keep your garden healthy and make tasks easier. 

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