About 3-IN-ONE Bike Maintenance Spray

The 3-IN-ONE Bike Spray is an all-round maintenance formula that will keep your bike well lubricated, protected and polished. By applying it regularly, you can reduce friction and wear, and enjoy smooth performance every time you hop on. 

Here’s a quick guide on where to spray it and how to use it. 


What does the 3-IN-ONE Bike Spray do?

Our Bike Spray drives out moisture, keeps rust away and lubricates parts so everything continues to run like clockwork and increases the lifespan of your bike. It’s also great for giving the paintwork a good polish, so remember to pay attention to the frame to keep it looking as good as new.  


How do you use 3-IN-ONE Bike Spray? 

The 3-IN-ONE Bike Spray makes looking after your bike simple as you only need to follow these steps to keep it running better for longer. 

  • Press down the nozzle and spray the formula along the chain, pivot points, frame tubes, under the saddle, pedals and brake callipers. Remember to pop on the red precision straw to better direct the formula into hard-to-reach areas.
  • Wipe away excess with a cloth and buff the frame to polish.

What can I use 3-IN-ONE Bike Spray on?

As well as the items mentioned above, you can also use 3-IN-ONE Bike Spray on cables, derailleurs and gear mechanisms.  

Top 3 usages of the 3-IN-ONE Bike Spray: 

  1. How to clean a bike chain
  2. How to clean a motorbike 
  3. How to protect a bike 


More about 3-IN-ONE

Our handy Bike Spray is the ideal go-to tool for your shed or garage that will keep your bicycle or motorbike in a great condition and always ready for action! 

And if you find this formula handy, browse the rest of our range to make garden and home maintenance simple too. To buy our 3-IN-ONE products, visit our Amazon shop or one of our stockists near you.