How to clean hand tools with 3-IN-ONE

Cleaning your hand tools can be really satisfying with the right solutions in hand. And with 3-IN-ONE Degreaser Spray, this couldn’t be more true. It cuts through grease, grime and dirt, leaving your tools well protected and ready for action when you need them next.  


  1. Hold down the nozzle and spray

Start by holding down the nozzle of the Degreaser Spray and apply it generously across the dirty areas of your hand tools. 


  1. Let it work its magic

Give the degreaser a few minutes to do its thing. In this time, the formula will penetrate and lift the grease and dirt from the surface of your hand tools. 


  1. Wipe away or rinse for a clean finish

When you’re ready, you can either wipe away the dissolved grime with a clean cloth or give your hand tools a quick rinse for a spotless shine.

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