Spring cleaning tips with 3-IN-ONE

Spring has sprung, and you know what that means – time for a spring clean! Give your living space a lift, get rid of clutter, deep clean your carpets and bring back the sparkle all around. To get started, check out our helpful tips. 


1. Declutter your home

Give old items a new lease on life by donating things you haven’t used in six months to your charity of choice or add to your savings and sell it! By letting go of the old, you can make way for the new; decluttering your living space can set you up nicely for a fresh new spring. 


2. Deep clean your carpets

While vacuums tackle surface-level dirt, dust and hair, there are times when you may notice your carpet’s colour and texture is dull and flat, and this means it’s time to give it a deep clean. Bring back the vibrancy and plush feel with proper carpet shampoo – you won’t believe the difference. Let your home radiate freshness from the ground up.


3. Polish your stainless steel

Bring the sparkle back in your home and arm yourself with our 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Drip Oil. It’s powerful formula effectively removes stains, restores shine and protects against rust. 



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Welcome back gleaming surfaces and elevate your home’s aesthetic appeal – add 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Drip Oil to your basket and you’ll be ready for a spring clean. Visit ourAmazon shopand follow us onFacebook,Instagram,TwitterandTikTok to keep up to date on all things home, garden and leisure and be the first to know about our latest competitions.