TREE-IN-ONE Christmas Crafts

Who says creating a winter wonderland has to break the bank? 3-IN-ONE is here to explore a budget-friendly, eco-conscious approach to decorating your home and making magical Christmas crafts.


Find the magic of upcycling household items into one-of-a-kind decorations and see for yourself that the best ornaments are the ones made with a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of resourcefulness.  


Our top 3 Christmas crafts 


Craft 1: Christmas tree bauble artwork

TREE-IN-ONE Christmas Crafts

If you’re swapping out old baubles for new ones, then here’s how you can upcycle them into a fun, new Christmas craft!  


Dust off your old baubles using a drop of 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Drip Oil and a microfiber cloth – this will give them a second chance to shine.
Arrange your baubles in a pattern (we recommend a tree) and glue them down onto a thick piece of card. Allow the glue to dry and frame it! Now you can deck the walls with a picture-perfect homemade decoration.  


Top tip – if you’d like to gift your creation to a loved one, give tip 3 a go!  


Craft 2: Fabric hanging baubles

TREE-IN-ONE Christmas Crafts

Take strips of fabric from worn-out clothing or unused textiles, and repurpose them into unique ornaments. Get your fabric scissors ready by cleaning, lubricating and protecting them with our Multi-Purpose Drip Oil. 


Stitch or glue them together to form a layered and textured hanging piece. Remember to attach a ribbon or string loop to hang! 


Craft 3: Mini mason jar tree lanterns 

TREE-IN-ONE Christmas Crafts

Remove the stickers from empty mini jam jars and clean away the residue with your go-to 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Drip Oil and a cloth to make them sparkle.  
Open the top of the jar and pop inside a battery-powered tea light.  
Drill a small hole in the top of the lid and feed a piece of looped twine through and knot it to secure the hanger.  


Found our tips on social? 

  1. Bows

Get creative with what’s lying around the house, like ribbon, fabric, or repurpose old scarves and cloths. 


  1. Wrapping

Fold down the top flap of the wrapping paper towards the gift. Crease the edges to create sharp lines, then fold the remaining paper up against the side of the gift. 


  1. Bags

Eco-friendlier option: make your own gift bags using fabric or card, and craft unique bags you can use year after year. 


Make sure your scissors are up to the task and treat them to 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil Spray to clean, lubricate and protect against rust. 


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