Bike maintenance using 3-IN-ONE Drip Oil

Maintaining your bike is easy when you’re armed with 3-IN-ONE Drip Oil. That’s because our iconic 3-IN-ONE Drip Oil was originally created as a bike maintenance product, way back in 1894, which means it’s been around for 130 years! It has been continuously tried and tested, and thanks to its continued success and positive customer feedback – there’s no wonder it’s still used and loved today! 


So, what are you waiting for? Have confidence in bike maintenance – pick up your can of Drip Oil and let’s get your bike sorted. 


How to maintain your bike chain using Drip Oil:

  • Use a soft brush 

Put a soft brush into some warm, soapy water, and scrub along the chain until it’s nice and clean. Then, let it air dry. 


  • Apply Drip Oil 

Once dry, place some drops of your Drip Oil along the chain to lubricate and protect it. 


  • Wipe away excess
    Using a microfibre cloth, smooth the oil along the chain and dab away any excess.   


More about 3-IN-ONE 

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