Preparing your camping essentials checklist

Follow our go-to camping essentials checklist to prepare for some quality time in the great outdoors. To ensure everything is in full working order before you go on your adventure, follow our guide so you never have to go without your favourite leisure equipment. 


Preparing your camping essentials 

Whether you’re off to enjoy a hobby like hiking, cycling, fishing or just enjoying life in the campervan – we’ve got you covered. We have something for you that will get you out of any pickle: the 3-IN-ONE Leisure Bundle. 

Inside the bundle you’ll find our Multi-Purpose Drip Oil, White Lithium Grease Spray and Degreaser Spray. This trio of formulas will get your camping essentials prepared and ready for use in no time! 


Let’s explore how you use them.


Camping essentials: hiking equipment

Ever had a problem with a stuck zip or a tent pole that won’t budge? Before your camping trip, keep pesky frustrations at bay with your Multi-Purpose Drip Oil.  

  • Backpack zips
    Lubricate zips to prevent sticking or jamming. 
  • Trekking pole locks
    Add a drop of lubricant to the locking mechanism of trekking poles to make adjusting them easy and to prevent rust. 
  • Tent pole joints
    Apply Drip Oil to tent pole joints to stop them from sticking and to make putting the tent up and taking it down as easy as possible. 


Camping essentials: bikes 

Are you ready to cycle along some scenic trails? Well, your bike might not be. Keep your bike in perfect condition with a little helping hand from 3-IN-ONE Drip Oil.

  • Chain
    Place a couple of drops of Drip Oil onto your chain and use a cloth to rub it along and lubricate, clean and prevent rust. 
  • Derailleur pulleys
    Clean them first and let them dry, drip the lubricant onto the centre of each pulley. 
  • Cables
    Apply to cable sections that aren’t in the housing and work it in by moving the cable back and forth, and wipe away excess. 
  • Pivot points
    Apply a small drop of lubricant on the pivot points or place a drop on a cloth and wipe over these areas – and remember to work them in! 


Camping essentials: fishing rods

Metal and water isn’t the best mix – and when your fishing rods aren’t properly dried after a busy day on the water, your equipment can easily become rusty. To banish the rust and keep everything working well – use your 3-IN-ONE Degreaser Spray. 

  • Reel seat
    The reel seat is a common area where dirt can build up. Be careful not to let the degreaser contact the reel itself. Apply to a cloth and give soiled areas a rub to clean. 
  • Metal components
    Parts such as guides, ferrules and hardware can be cleaned with Degreaser Spray to remove dirt, rust or corrosion. Briefly spray the formula on a cloth and gently wipe down these components. Always take care not to oversaturate or let the degreaser get in contact with any sensitive materials. 


Camping essentials: campervan 

If you’re traveling to your destination in a campervan, you’ll want to run through some quick maintenance checks to ensure the journey is a smooth one. Here’s where you can use your White Lithium Grease Spray from the Leisure Bundle

  • Door hinges
    Apply lightly to the hinges of your campervan doors to keep them opening and closing without a peep! 
  • Sliding mechanisms
    Make sure you can open and close sliding doors or windows with ease. Spray a little bit of the formula onto the tracks. 
  • Awning mechanisms
    For campervans with fitted awnings, lubricate the moving parts to keep them working smoothly. 
  • Latches and lock
    Spray a small amount on latches and locks to prevent rust and corrosion, and to make sure you’re never locked out (or in for that matter). 
  • Drawer slides
    Make sure you can access everything you’ve packed in your campervan. Apply a light coating of White Lithium Grease Spray on the slides to keep them working well. 


Camping equipment 

While there’s a lot to pack on a camping trip, you never want to forget your 3-IN-ONE Leisure Bundle. These formulas will help everything stay well-lubricated, clean and rust free – so you’re always ready for action. 


The Leisure Bundle isn’t just for camping – it can be used for so much more

  • Gym equipment 
  • Sewing machines 
  • Scooters 
  • Skateboards 
  • Pushchairs  


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