Garden ideas on a budget with 3-IN-ONE

3-IN-ONE is here to share garden ideas on a budget so you can enjoy a dream garden. Looking after your tools, putting food waste to good use and repurposing second-hand items – if you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to growing the garden of your dreams, all while saving money. 


Regular tool maintenance

The first step towards developing your garden ideas on a budget is to take good care of your tools with a can of 3-IN-ONE Drip Oil. When you do, you can enjoy: 

  • Less waste
    By investing a little time in cleaning, sharpening and oiling your tools with 3-IN-ONE, you will reduce the amount of discarded, broken tools that would otherwise end up in landfill.
  • Value for money
    Taking care of your hand tools means you won’t have to spend lots of money on new ones. It’s a cost-effective way to save you from unnecessary expenses while ensuring that your garden ideas stay on budget.
  • Greener credentials
    By maintaining your hand tools, you’re actively making an effort to reduce manufacturing demands and waste. The materials used to make garden tools usually involve extracting natural resources. So, when you take care of your tools, you’re indirectly saving these resources by reducing their demand. 


DIY compost

The second step towards developing your garden ideas on a budget is to create your own compost from kitchen scraps and garden waste. By doing so, you can: 

  • Improve soil health
    Compost is a fantastic soil conditioner that improves its structure, water retention and aeration. Having better soil means you can watch your outdoor space flourish and your dreams turn into reality!
  • Save money
    You can use your own nutrient-rich compost to boost the quality of your soil, so you can achieve the garden of your dreams in no time – without the need to buy shop-bought fertilisers.
  • Reduce your environmental impact
    By putting food scraps to good use, you can reduce the amount of organic waste that goes into landfill and reduce methane emissions. 


Repurpose containers

The third step towards developing your garden ideas on a budget is to repurpose old containers. By doing so, you can:

  • Save money
    Instead of buying new containers for every season, using old ones will save you money. It’s a budget-friendly and allows you to put your efforts into other areas of your garden.
  • Reduces waste
    Stopping waste going into landfill by reusing seedling trays is a more eco-friendly approach to gardening.
  • Promotes creativity!
    This is the chance to explore different ways to use old containers. You could re-use them for new plant homes, labelling and organising tools, just to name a few! 



Always consider garden ideas on a budget when turning your green fingers to your outdoor space. There are plenty of plant nurseries that offer discounted plants or run end-of-season sales. You might also want to consider joining local seed swap events or online communities where gardeners exchange seeds – this way, you can introduce lots of exciting new plants into your garden without spending a fortune! 


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