About 3-IN-ONE Penetrant Spray

The 3-IN-ONE Penetrant Spray is a fast-acting formula that frees metal parts that are seized by rust, dirt and grease. It quickly works its way deep into seams, crevices and threads, and leaves behind a protective layer to prevent rust re-forming.  


What’s does the 3-IN-ONE Penetrant do?

Our Penetrant is a helpful household tool because it provides a quick and easy solution to difficult and dirty work. Wherever there’s rust or seized parts, penetrant can remove the rust and lubricate the mechanisms to free and protect items such as locks and tools.  

3-IN-ONE Penetrant will keep all your home, garden, and leisure equipment working well, looking great and lasting longer! 

How do you use 3-IN-ONE Penetrant?

The 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Penetrant Spray is very simple to use. It comes in a can with a red precision straw that helps guide your application, so you can reach even in the tightest of spaces and enjoy fast, effective results. 

  • Pop the red precision straw onto the Penetrant can and spray directly onto the rust. 
  • Wipe away to clean. 


What can I use 3-IN-ONE Penetrant Spray on?

As well as the items mentioned above, you can also use 3-IN-ONE Penetrant Spray on: chains, pipes, nuts, screws, bolts, locks, taps, door fittings, gates, valves and screw caps, and much more! 

Top 3 Penetrant usages: 

  1. Removing rust from tools 
  2. Fixing seized locks 
  3. Cleaning garden furniture 


More about 3-IN-ONE

Our super-effective Penetrant Spray is the ideal addition to your toolbox and is a useful go-to formula that makes maintenance simple.  

Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!