Rooftop garden maintenance with 3-IN-ONE

Rooftop gardens aren’t just pretty, they offer important environmental benefits – they improve air quality, help to regulate building temperatures and support biodiversity. To reap the many benefits they offer, rooftop garden maintenance is essential – and luckily for you, we have the perfect solution to help make this a fun and easy job!  


Our 3-IN-ONE Garden Bundle includes our Drip Oil, Penetrant Spray and White Lithium Grease Spray, all of which work together to remove dirt and grime, tough rust and provide long-lasting protection. 


How to use the 3-IN-ONE Garden Bundle for rooftop garden maintenance 

  • Remove dirt and grime with Drip Oil 

By keeping your tools in top condition, you can always have the equipment you need when it comes to garden maintenance. Simply apply the Drip Oil to remove dirt and grime.

Top tip: keeping your tools clean will not only keep them fit for purpose – it will ensure your plants are happy and healthy because it will prevent spreading contaminants around the garden!  


  • Remove tough rust with Penetrant Spray 

To remove tough rust from your rooftop garden tools, use Penetrant Spray, it works wonders and quickly, too. Simply spray, allow the solution to work its magic and wipe away the rust.   


  • Protect and maintain with White Lithium Grease 

Consistently use your White Lithium Grease Spray to prolong the life of your tools and keep them in great condition. 


The benefits of rooftop gardens 

  • Improve urban spaces  

Open space is often quite limited in urban areas, that’s why rooftop gardens provide great recreational zones for people to escape to.  


  • Improve the environment 

Rooftop gardens improve the quality of the air we breathe, support biodiversity, reduces the risk of flooding and counteract the noise from the hustle and bustle of a busy area.  


  • Improve the community

Rooftop gardens provide a location for residents, employees and the public, to socialise, boost mental health and improve their quality of life.  


More about 3-IN-ONE 

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