Bike maintenance in 3 simple steps

Summertime is calling you to get out on your bike but before you do, here’s our 3 simple steps for easy bike maintenance that will keep you safe, your bike reliable and make your journeys unforgettable!  


Follow these 3 steps using your 3-IN-ONE Bike Maintenance Spray: 

  1. Simply apply to the
  • chain, while rotating the pedals to cover the entire length.  
  • pivot points, using the red straw. Spray a small amount onto the moving joints of the suspension arms, pedals, handlebars, derailleurs and under the saddle.
  • callipers by spraying onto a cloth and wiping the threads of the bolts. Do not contact the brake pads or braking surfaces. 
  • frame and wipe with a cloth in a circular motion to remove dirt, prevent rust and make it shine!
  1. Allow your Bike Maintenance Spray to soak in for a few minutes and work its magic! 
  2. Wipe away excess formula and polish for a sparkling


More about 3-IN-ONE 

Our Bike Maintenance Spray couldn’t be easier to use! You can pick it up from our Amazon shop.

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