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If you’re looking to embrace an eco-friendlier lifestyle, following our simple 3-IN-ONE maintenance advice can help you on your journey. Maintaining sports equipment like tennis rackets, cable machines and golf clubs with 3-IN-ONE not only keeps your favourite possessions in good condition for longer, but also reduces waste sent to landfills.  


Let’s get started on maintaining your sports equipment! 


 1. Maintaining tennis equipment
Racket handles see a lot of wear and tear when they’re well used. So, to keep the grip lasting as long as possible, use your can of Silicone Spray on the rubber to keep it flexible and moisturised, this will also improve comfort and help you remain in control on the court. 


2. Maintaining gym equipment
Well-used gym equipment is no stranger to sweat, scuffs and hard work. Use your can of Drip Oil to remove dirt, grime and rust and to keep things like cable machines running smoothly. Your Drip Oil will keep cables and pulleys from sticking or jerking, which means you can enjoy a distraction-free workout.  

You can use your Drip Oil on dumbbells to clean and prevent the rubber from splitting, as well as on the rollers of a treadmill and much more! 


 3. Maintaining golf equipment 

To keep your performance optimal on the course, inspect your clubs. Clean away dirt with your Degreaser Spray and use your Silicone Spray to prevent the rubber handles from drying out and cracking. With clean clubs and a firm grip, you can be sure that every visit to the golf course will be great fun. 


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